Drinking Culture

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Listening to the Radio Australia this evening, make this topic out here to talk about drinking culture in Cambodia. Two speakers talked about the bad habit of Australian teenagers consumption alcohol, behavior drinker. They added that drinking too much alcohol will damage your brain and force you to do stupid things unusually. Having heard the consequence of consumption alcohol, I can rest some questions for you guys to drop some opinions. 

What do you think about consuming alcohol?

What is the consequence for being an addicted drinker? 

How to change drinking culture?  


The advertisement on TV about cigarette show off that Smoking Harm Your Health. However, advertising is still displayed. In short, money is more important than one health.        


Boring Sunday…

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I don’t know what I should do today…Sooo boring…Update my homepage? watch movie?Should I stay at home? No…Yesterday I was at home for whole day with my laptop.

Oh…Swimming! Yeah, of course, I like swimming. Let’s guess? How far I can swim today? 


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My favorite quote

“The best place for each is where he stands”

A gift from my Jp friend, Kayoko, she is studying sociology at Soka University.

 Now she is studying Thai language at Chieng Mai as an exchange student, Thailand.

Good luck with your study and I hope you can speak fluently in 6 months.

I think I will talk to you in Thai language instead of Japanese whenever we have chance to meet again, Okie?

May your wish will come true.

This net keep me updated…

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I won’t be blured if i could check this net once per day. Just wanna post this website address up to show you guys about my favourite net. I hope this net is useful for you guys as well. Actually, I’m not only interested in this net, but also its TV channel, National Geographic. Here is the theme of National Geographic Channel


Blogger Summit Announcement

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I would like to announce that the Cambodia Blogger Summit will be on 30-31 August 2007 at Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC, South Campus).
Please help to spread this event out to your friends and colleagues.

More detail of the event, please visit : http://cloggersummit.wikispaces.com/

For Agenda : http://cloggersummit.wikispaces.com/Agenda

For free registration : http://cloggersummit.wikispaces.com/application_form
(fill out the answer and sent to viirak@gmail.com)

The registration will close on 21 August 2007.

(Source: TraJoke)

The Power of Speaking…

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From the time being, the rise of the internet has changed the way we get news and views. But while in much of the bloggers simply add voice to existing outlets of information, the freedom of speaking is also limited. In this case, my friend asked me about that scare in his outlets of information in his own blog. But I did encourage him to continues his precious contents with no scare.  In fact, according to the CNN news, last week, Raja Petra Kamarudin, webmaster of the news and gossip site Malaysia Today, was questioned by the police about his insulting of the King and Malaysia’s officail religion, Islam. I think the freedom of speaking is still limited…

How about the freedom of speaking in your country?

I am really lazy to write sometimes but I do enjoy reading your precious contents.

Keep it up! 


The Pict on My Calendar This Month

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Please keep finding … kekeke… what can u know from this?